Community Outreach

Our Shelter & Rescue Support Program

If you’ve adopted a pet from an animal shelter or rescue group in one of our coverage areas, there’s a good chance that your pet came home with one of our cat carriers or dog leashes. We donate these materials to local animal shelter and rescue group within our markets.


Our Work So Far

Since 2010, we have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of materials to animal welfare organizations.

These items are used to help lost cats and dogs get home, or to help them find new homes. Shelter staff and rescue volunteers are hard-working folks that spend their days (and often nights) fighting for animal welfare.

Through this program we have been able to give back to these people and to the communities that support us. Too often these organizations don’t get the recognition or thanks that they deserve. They tirelessly battle animal homelessness, disease, neglect and abuse.

Please join us in supporting your local animal shelters and the hundreds of rescue groups that operate in your communities. If you know of a local animal group that would like to be part of the our Shelter Program, please have them contact us here. We are here to help.