August 15 is Check the Chip Day!

We’ve all heard heartwarming stories where a family has moved and their beloved pet gets lost only to find their way back to their family. Most of the time, these stories are because the pet was microchipped making it easy to locate a pet owner. August 15, 2017, is a day dedicated to reminding pet owners that registration and keeping your contact information updated is just as important as microchipping. We see so many stories of pets with microchips never making it home because the pet’s microchip registration was never finalized, or the owner’s contact information was out of date and they could not be reached.

If you got your pet microchipped at a VIP Petcare operated clinic, your pet’s microchip was automatically pre-registered with Found Animals, but action is still required to finalize the process through their website. Look for an email from Found Animals in your inbox and complete the process today if you have not already.

Some reminders for pet parents that have gotten a microchip for their pet at a VIP Petcare clinic:

• You will receive a confirmation email from both VIP Petcare and Found Animals confirming your pet’s pre-registration. You may need to check your Spam folder. If you didn’t receive an email from Found Animals, the confirmation from VIP Petcare should contain login details. Try this first and if you still have problems, locate your pet’s microchip ID from your VIP Petcare receipt and have it on hand when you reach out to Found Animals to make sure it all went through properly.

• Login to the website where your pet was registered (for VIP Petcare clients, this is If you are unsure what your login is, check your email for a message from Found Animals. Your username is generally the same as the email address you gave us while visiting our clinic.

• Check that your address and phone number are still correct. Update if necessary.

• Update your pet’s profile. Only some information was added to your pet’s profile when they received their microchip. Make sure the remaining information is filled in.

• Add a photo of your pet. This can only help in getting them home if they get lost.
Does your pet still need a microchip?

The good news, getting a microchip for your pet is fast, easy and affordable! All VIP Petcare operated clinics offer microchipping (select locations only in Florida).

Click here to find a clinic near you and come by for one today.
Click here to learn more about microchips.
As always, if you need help please feel free to call HelpDesk at 1.800.427.7973.