Keep Your Dog Heartworm Free

Buy any canine vaccination package and receive a FREE HEARTWORM TEST.

Heartworm disease comes from the bite of a mosquito. The baby heartworms, also known as microfilaria, circulate in the bloodstream and a mosquito will bite an infected pet and then transfer the heartworms to a susceptible pet. After transmission of the heartworms to the susceptible pet, the microfilaria migrates in the body toward the heart and then an adult heartworm grows in the chambers of the heart. It’s a worm shaped like spaghetti and lives where the blood is being pumped around, obstructing the flow of blood and causing serious reactions.

If you’re a dog owner, understanding how to protect and prevent your pet from heartworm disease is crucial.

How does heartworm disease affect your pooch? The American Heartworm Society explains that dogs are a “natural host for heartworms,” meaning once they make it inside your dog’s bloodstream they “mature into adults, mate and produce offspring.” Yuck! Even more awful is that potentially hundreds of these worms can grow in an untreated or unprotected dog, and this could eventually lead to lung disease, heart failure, other organ damage, and sometimes death.

Your dog deserves a fresh start!

Your dog deserves a fresh start this year, too, and there’s no better way to get them on a healthy track than to get tested and protected against heartworm disease.

Detection and prevention are easy and visiting a PetVet clinic can provide both. Right now you can receive a FREE HEARTWORM TEST with the purchase of a canine vaccination package. Don’t hesitate on getting your pet protected. PetVet recommends getting a heartworm test (which also includes a test for the presence of tick-borne diseases) annually to make sure your dog is heartworm free and to prescribe heartworm preventive medication.

Buy any canine vaccination package and receive a FREE HEARTWORM TEST


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