Disease Prevention Paves the Way for a Long Life for Your Pet!

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While some of us may avoid routine care for ourselves, it’s not something you should practice with your pet. Pet Wellness Month is a great time to review some important points of care that all pets need throughout their life. Here are some reminders:

Vaccinations are an important part of preventing disease in your pet – Our clinic veterinarians and staff are ready to answer your questions and can help you determine the best vaccines for your pet’s lifestyle.

Heartworm, flea and tick preventative medication – Regular parasite protection is an important part of your pet’s health and comfort. Heartworm disease is easily and affordably prevented through the regular use of a heartworm prescription.

Every pet should have a yearly physical examination by a veterinarian – Some pets (eg. older pets) should be seen even more frequently. Bringing your pet to on of our veterinarians once a year helps us keep track of any changes in your pet’s individual values, and may help detect some disease processes before they become a problem.

Fecal testing and parasite control diagnose and prevent potential risks – Every pet deserves an annual fecal exam and monthly parasite prevention. With a fecal sample, we test for multiple intestinal parasites that could be affecting your pet’s current or future health.

Microchipping gives your pet a form of permanent identification – Microchipping*, available at PetVet clinics, is an important step in keeping your pet safe. Even indoor-only pets can sometimes escape specially during the holidays. All shelters and veterinarians can easily scan the microchip and reunite you with your pet.

Nail trim
We offer nail trimming at select locations.

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