April is Heartworm Awareness Month

Let PetVet help you keep your pet healthy!

As pet owners we have a role to keep our pet healthy, happy and safe. One of the most harmful diseases out there affecting pets today is heartworm disease. Each year more and more cases of heartworm disease are found across the United States, which means the risk of this disease spreading is increasing.

Heartworm disease begins to develop when a pet (primarily a dog) is bitten by an infected mosquito and microfilariae (very small worms) are released into the dog’s bloodstream. As the microfilariae move their way into an infected pet’s heart, the damage begins, and about 6 months later your pet has full blown heartworm disease. The American Heartworm Society states that dogs are a “natural host for heartworms,” meaning once heartworms make it inside your dog’s bloodstream they “mature into adults, mate and produce offspring.”

Since mosquitoes carry and transfer heartworm disease, the more carriers there are (carriers are the pets and animals that have heartworm disease), the more problematic it becomes for pets that are not being protected with heartworm preventive medication. While it is always recommended that pets are on heartworm preventive medication year-round, if you haven’t taken steps to protect your pet, we urge you to do so before the warmer weather arrives and mosquitoes make their big debut.

Our Wellness Center staff is ready to get your pet tested and on a healthy track! We carry the best, name brand, prescription medications to keep your pet protected against heartworm disease.

Download the voucher below to receive a $10 heartworm test with the purchase of a vaccination package at our Wellness Center: 67500 South Main St. Richmond, MI 48062. That’s a $7 savings!


Offer expires 7/2/18. Valid only at our Wellness Center in MI.

How do I get my pet heartworm medication?

Step 1: Bring your pet to our Wellness Center.

Step 2: Get your dog tested.
Before we can provide your dog with heartworm medication we need to perform a simple blood test to ensure they do not currently have heartworm disease. Why do we require a test to prescribe your dog with medication? All commercially available heartworm preventives act by wiping out the microfilariae in the middle stages, so if the disease has already progressed, the medication will not be able to do its job. When a dog tests positive for an adult heartworm infection, treatment at a full-service veterinary facility is necessary. We do not currently test cats for heartworm disease.

Step 3: Start protecting your pet with the medication. Our veterinarians will be happy to help you choose the best heartworm preventive option for your pet!

Need a heartworm medication refill? We can help! Again, we do require a simple blood test to ensure your dog is heartworm free before we can provide a new prescription.

What is a PetVet Wellness Center?

Wellness Centers are permanent clinic locations located inside our partners’ stores and offer a more traditional veterinary setting and offer a wider range of veterinary care options for your pet than our traditional clinics.

Some of our services include:
• Wellness Packages & Physical Exams
• Vaccinations
• Fecal and Blood Testing
• Microchip Pet I.D. with lifetime registration
• Ear and Eye Flushes
• Skin Scrapes
• Tapeworm and Roundworm Deworming
• Feline Leukemia Testing
• Comprehensive Health Panels
• Nail trim
and more!