PetVet Clinic Overview

We strive to provide convenient access to high quality pet wellness care to pet parents nationwide at Tractor Supply stores. NOTE: We will be closed September 3rd.


PetVet makes it convenient for you to get your pet the preventive care it needs!
Use our easy clinic finder to locate a nearby clinic location, then bring your pet during the hours posted. Please bring your cat in a secure carrier and make sure your dog is on a leash. Clinics are held at Tractor Supply stores, and no appointment is necessary. PetVet staff will be located inside or right outside the store. When you walk up to the clinic area, our caring staff of pet lovers will walk you through the process.

We will also send you reminders so your pet can remain protected from disease and parasites. Your pet’s records are stored safely in our database so if you ever need proof of pet vaccination or have questions about your pet’s health history, we’re simply a call or a click away.

Once your pet is seen by one of our veterinarians, you will become part of the PetVet family. During your visit the clinic staff will discuss the lifestyle of your pet, under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian, so you know exactly what your pets needs to stay healthy, happy and safe.

How it Works

  • Load up
    the family pets.
    Don’t forget cats
    in carriers and
    dogs on leashes!

  • Our crew will
    assist you and
    help identify the
    best products and
    services for your
    pet, based on its

  • A licensed
    veterinarian will
    oversee the
    treatment of your
    pet, identify any
    needs and answer
    any questions.

  • Before you leave,
    we provide proof
    of vaccination and
    all services.